On Site Treatments

On-site custom acupressure treatments may benefit your workplace by increasing employee productivity, morale, reducing absenteeism due to stress and poor health, helping to prevent sick leaves and reducing worksite accidents. Treatments can promote people to have a happier, healthier outlook at work by:

* Helping to balance mood and improving or eliminating stress-related and other health concerns such as headaches, anxiety, sinus problems, digestive problems, low energy levels, poor memory, insomnia, pain, stiffness and more.
* Preventing illness from occurring by keeping the body's organ systems healthy.
* Providing 15-30 minute customized acupressure treatments that can help relax the nervous system and stimulate endorphins.
* Keeping employees contented in knowing that their employer cares about their well being.

In today's world it is no wonder that stress and nervous system problems are so common in the workplace. Many people handle multiple jobs and heavier workloads in a much more competitive marketplace. Employers are often dealing with budget cutbacks to keep companies going. It can take its toll on all who are concerned.

Setting up Acupressure On-Site Treatment Days at your company offers many benefits for the employer as well as the employee. These are some of the many custom acupressure treatments that can be performed at your workplace:

* Acupressure anti-stress facial point treatment
* Headache and neck release acupressure treatment
* Sinus and lymphatic drainage acupressure treatment
* Mental clarity and relaxation acupressure treatment
* Anti-aging facial acupressure point treatment.

This program must receive initial approval by the employer and they must provide a quiet space for treatments to take place. Employees should be encouraged, and given adequate time in their day to partake in the services provided. Employers may elect to pay for treatments or employees may pay on their own. A minimum of 10 participants is required to arrange onsite days at your workplace.