5 Hairstyles That Will Make Every Head Turn This Spring

The ghastly winter is finally over and it is time to shed off the multiple layers of clothing that you have been hibernating under for months. Spring is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing: getting up-to-date about the latest trends to make sure that you welcome the new season with a fresh look. First off, here is a list of some of the most popular hairstyles for this spring.

Windswept Updos

For those who would prefer to keep their hairstyle soft and girlie, windswept updos are the best for this spring season. Windswept literally means exposed to strong winds, which means your hair will look like it has been swept by strong winds. Although this disheveled hairstyle looks quite uncomplicated, it requires a little bit of skills with a curling iron, bobby pins, and a good amount of hairspray (of course). This hairstyle has got a very feminine touch, making it perfect for spring season.

Super Low Pony

Probably one of the easiest hairstyle to master is the super low pony. A favorite amongst superstars like Jason Wu, Victoria Beckham, and Helmet Lang, this hairstyle is so easy that one can wear it every day. All you need to go is to make sure the hair is poker straight. Then, tie the hair at the nape of the neck so that it is properly aligned. Use gold barrettes to give your hair some extra glam.

Disco Curls

If funky is what you want, disco curls are what you need! Holly Fulton and Maria Grachvogel brought loud back into the ramp with hairstyles that almost defies gravity. The disco curls hairstyle is all about curls, obviously! However, to make it look more manageable and presentable, one needs to scoop the hair to the side and brush through the curls ever so lightly. You can either let the curls down or scoop it to the side in a high pony. The disco curls hairstyle is perfect for days when you want to bring out the mischievous side of you.

Choppy Pageboy Wig

If you think you want to bring some edge to the way you look, the choppy pageboy wig is the way to go. Although this hairstyle looks like you took a scissor and decided to chop off your own hair short, it was actually very popular on the runway, including Marc Jacobs, Fendi, and Gucci. To achieve the choppy pageboy wig hairstyle, the hair should be cut in such a way that it is shaped like a bowl with asymmetrical length. However, it would be a better bet if one visits a hair salon for this hairstyle.

Old World Braids

Plaits were a huge deal last year and continue onto this year as well, but in a different way. This spring is all about adding a little bit of medieval charm to your braids. Think about messy braids with a little bit of soft curled hair loose in the front. One can also sport them are chunky, messy, longs, and romantic. That also means no more tight and sleek braids for this year, wear them as loose and messy as you want.

Old World Braids

Spring is finally back again; make sure that you take your hair out to play.